Article 1-Name and Preamble

Article 11-Objectives

Article 111-Activities

Article 1V-Special Funds

Article V-Dues and Fees

Article V1-Officers and Committees

Article V11-Meetings, Notices

Article V111-ByLaws and Amendments

Article 1X-Alterations and Amendments
 Article 1:
§ 1.01 The Name shall be Colonel George L. Willard Camp #154 (hereafter referred to as the Camp), constituting a CAMP
and unit of the New York Department of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, chartered on December 25, 1899.
§ 1.02. This is a nonprofit organization, a creation of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) in 1881. On August 20, 1954, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (hereafter referred to as the SUVCW) was incorporated by an Act of Congress
by the passing of Public Law 605 of the 2nd Session of the 83rd Congress.

§ 1.03. These Bylaws incorporate the types of membership and duties of officers as described in the Bylaws of the SUVCW National Organization (hereafter referred to as National) and/or of the Bylaws of the SUVCW New York Department
(hereafter referred to as State).
 Article 11
§ 2.01. The objective of the Camp shall be:

§ 2.01.1. To perpetuate the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic, and the men who fought to preserve the indivisibility of our Republic

§ 2.01.2. To honor the memory of the wartime President, Abraham Lincoln and other leaders and personalities of the Civil War period.
 Article 111
§ 3.01. The support of the objectives of the State and National organizations

§ 3.02. Sponsoring and participating in ceremonies and programs.

§ 3.03. The maintaining and preservation of monuments and plaques related to the Civil War.

§ 3.04. Decoration of graves of Civil War Veterans on Memorial Day.

§ 3.05. Publication of the Camp newsletter and roster of membership
 Article 1V
Special Funds
§ 4.01. Monument Fund

§ 4.01.1 For the restoration of Civil War Monuments or Plaques

§ 4.01.2. Held in a separate special bank account for this purpose

§ 4.01.3. All expenditure from which will by the Camp Treasurer as directed by the Camp

§ 4.01.4. Treasurer will maintain a detailed accounting
 Article V
Dues and Fees
§ 5.01. An initiation fee shall be charged each new member at the time his application is accepted.
 5.02. Annual dues shall be charged and due January 1st each year.
New members after the half year shall pay half dues in addition to the initiation fee.

§ 5.03. Fees and dues shall be subject to yearly review
§ 5.04. Legal address of the Camp will be a post office box accessible to both the Commander and Secretary Treasurer.
 5.05. Bank signatory will be the Commander,
Treasurer and a designated member of the Camp Council. Disbursement will be by signature of any two signatories.
 Article V1
Officers and Committees
§ 6.01. The elected officers of the Camp shall be the Commander who shall be the ranking officer, the Senior Vice Commander, the Junior Vice Commander, the Secretary and/or the Treasurer (Secretary and Treasurer may be combined) Camp Council, Delegates & Alternates.
 6.02. Election of Officers shall be by the attending members at, or, between the October meeting, and the December meeting, inclusive.
6.02.1. The Officers of the Camp shall be installed at the December meeting of the Camp.
§ 6.03. Camp Council shall include three Past Commanders with the exception of Camp Commanders who are elected to office.
6.04. January 1st all elected officers will assume their duties.
§ 6.05. Appointed officers: on assuming office, the Commander shall appoint all other Officers

§6.06. Fiscal year will be from January 1st through December 31st. Regular reports to the Camp will be provided by the Treasurer.
 6.07. The Camp may have a Camp Welfare Committee. It shall be the purpose of the Welfare Committee to assist in maintaining the membership in good standing; to actively assist in obtaining new members; and to suggest to the Camp means of creating
and maintaining interest in Camp meetings.
 6.08. Officers who fail to fulfill their duties and/or to attend regular meetings during a period of six months, may, upon vote of the members attending a regular meeting of the Camp, be resigned upon an election at the next regular meeting to fill the vacancy.

6.09. There shall be Appointed a GAR Room Liason Officer, who shall be the Liason Between Albany County and the Camp.
Said Officer can appoint a Select Standing Committee for the Albany GAR Room.

6.10. There shall be a Standing Committee for the New Mt. Ida Cemetery, Pinewoods Ave. Troy,NY.
 Article V11
Meetings, Notices
§ 7.01. Regular meetings of the Camp shall be held on the first Saturday mornings of each month except for July when there is no meeting, and June and August when the meetings will be the first Thursday evenings.

§ 7.02. Meeting location to be established by the Camp Council
§ 7.03 Any changes in date and time, for exceptional circumstances,
to be by mutual agreement between the Commander, Camp Council and Secretary.

§ 7.04. Treasurer to make necessary deposit to secure meeting facilities.
 7.05. Secretary to provide timely notice to all members by mail of place, location, date and time.
 Article V111
Bylaws and Amendments
§ 8.01. Committee recommendations having been reviewed and acted upon by the Camp at April 16, 1994 Spring meeting.

§ 8.02. Written notice of thirty days being given to all members with a copy of proposals.

§ 8.03. Bylaws approved by the Camp at the June 30, 1994, Summer meeting.

§ 8.04. Bylaws were corrected for compliance with the Constitution & Regulations on July 28, 1994.

§ 8.05 Future amendments to these Bylaws may be made at regular Camp meeting by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting, provided that written notice of the proposed amendments shall have been send to the membership at least ten (ten) days prior to the date of said meeting.

§ 8.06. By-Laws Read and Approved By Camp: Cmdr. William J. Halpin Date: 1994
 Article 1X
Alterations and Amendments
§ 9.01 Preamble: This is a nonprofit organization, a creation of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) in 1881.

§ 9.02 Name: Colonel George Lamb Willard Camp No. 154, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil
War, P.O. Box 13681, Albany, New York 12212-3681.

§ 9.03 Meetings: Every first Saturday of the month except (June,July and August) at 10:00 a.m.
(Location of meetings at the discretion of Camp Commander).

§ 9.04 Dues: $37.00 annual fee by mail.

§ 9.04.1 Initiation Fee: $15.00

§ 9.05 Salary and Compensation: No money compensation for Officers.

§ 9.06 Special Funds: Monument Fund withdrawn from checking account and placed in a separate savings account.

§ 9.06.1 Supplies and expenses withdrawn from checking account.

§ 9.07 Committees: Carlton Covell Award, JROTC/ROTC Award, New Mount Ida Cemetery Veterans Restoration Project,
Vale Cemetery Monument Restoration Project, Camp Members Appreciation Awards.

§ 9.08 Bonds: No Officers bonded. Treasurer responsible checking, savings and property.

§ 9.09 Benefits or Relief: Official Veterans Parades, Encampments, Reenactments and living Histories.
 9.10 Suspension of By-Laws. No suspension of by-laws without membership approval.

§ 9.11 Alterations and Amendments SUVCW Regulations - Camp Order (members are allowed to be nominated/elected
a Camp Officer after completing a term of 1 yr. membership.

§ 9.12 SUVCW Constitution and Regulations: General Order (permitting all Junior Associates into the Order, All Junior Associates accepted into membership after 28 August 2007 and before 17 February 2009 are accepted into the Order.
All Future Junior Associates may remain as long as they comply with all restrictions relevant to Juniors and Associates combined).

§ 9.12.1 Hereditary Membership: Full Members (can hold office, can vote)
Juniors Members (can attend meetings, cannot hold office, cannot vote).

§ 9.12.2 Non-Hereditary Membership: Associate Member (can attend meetings, can hold office, can vote).
Junior Associate (can attend meetings, cannot hold office, cannot vote).

§ 9.13 Alterations And Amendments Camp Regulations - Members are allowed to become Life Members.
The Life Membership fee is paid-in-full to the National Treasurer who reimburses the Camp yearly.

9.13.1 By-Laws Read and Approved By Camp:
Cmdr. Raymond W. LeMay 111; Dated: March 14, 2009

9.13.2 By-Laws Read and Revised by Camp:
Cmdr. Raymond W. LeMay 111; Dated: October 3, 2009
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