Brother, Carlton Ellsworth Covell, PCC
Carlton E. Covell Memorial Award
Who was Carlton E. Covell?

Who is Eligible?

What is the Award?

How Do i Apply?
 Who was Carlton E. Covell?
   This award will be called the Carlton E. Covell Memorial Award, named after Mr. Carlton Ellsworth Covell, was a long time member
of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. He was also past Camp Commander of our local Col. Willard Camp.
Our organization is based on the Civil War lineage of our members. We all have an ancestor that was a Civil War veteran.
He was also the Past Chapter President of Saratoga Battle Chapter of the Sons of th American Revolution.
   Mr. Covellís grandfather was Walter Covell, who was a Private in Company H of the 3rd NY Light Artillery during the Civil War. Private Covell enlisted in the Union Army on December 5th, 1861 and was discharged on December 7th, 1865. He served as a bugler.
 Who is Eligible?
 We are focusing on the Capital Districtís Three Secondary Military Academies for this award.
1. Christian Brotherís Academy, and
2. LaSalle Institute.
The award is to one student per year, at the time of their graduation.
We Recycle the Award each year via each School.
Going in alphabetical order by school name. Followed by CBA the next year and then LaSalle Institute the following year. Then to recycle back again.
A Senior who during their School career has demonstrated an excellence in grade average in the subject of Social Studies / American History.
 What is the Award?
A one time, yearly joint cash award in the amount of $200.00 to be awarded to one student from the Col. George L. Willard Camp No.154, SUVCW
in conjunction with the Saratoga Battle Chapter, SAR.
Upon Graduation with an Award Certificate suitable for Framing by the Willard Camp.
 How Do I Apply?
The Student will be Recommended to the Camp by the School Guidance Counselor and or History/Social Studies Head.
The Student may also apply directly with testimony and recommendations of academic achievement in History/Social Studies.;
Said Student must communicate directly with our Covell Award Committee Chairman Officer.
Said Student, will be approved by Camp Vote by Recommendation of Covell Award Officer at our May Meeting.
Deadline for Award Submission Nominations is April 25th.

Mail your Nomination with Documentation of Deserving Said Award to:
c/o: Covell Award Officer
If you have any Questions, Contact:
Covell Award Officer
(Standing Committee Chairman)

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